Henry Cavill Is Teasing The Return Of Superman

Batman V. Superman made it clear that we were going to see Superman again. But that return was going to be complicated by the events of that particular movie, which we won’t ruin if you haven’t seen it yet, but suffice to say Supes didn’t end things in a good place. But he does appear to be getting over it, if Henry Cavill’s Instagram is any indication. Spoilers below!

Cavill just took to Instagram to share this:

It’s a close-up, as you might guess from the tag, of Superman’s suit. As to why it’s black, Superman has a bit of a history of wearing black suits; he wore one when he came back from the dead in the comics and DC just recently had one of their Supermen flying around in a black suit before pulling on the blue costume we all know and love. Whether or not Cavill is being forced to wear the legendary Supermullet, though, remains an open question.

It seems likely that Justice League will hinge, at least in part, around bringing Superman back from the dead. Don’t forget that a fair chunk of Kryptonian technology is under the ocean, according to Man of Steel, and that might be why Batman is so eager to recruit Aquaman. But we’ll find out soon enough: Justice League, and presumably Cavill’s Superman, arrives November 2017.

(via Instagram)