Here's Your First Look The Smirky Penguin And Stuffy Alfred Of 'Gotham'

Fox/Warner Bros. 

We’ve already got a peek at Gotham’s spiffed up Harvey Bullock, Hot Topic Catwoman and disgustingly non-mustachioed Jim Gordon, and now we bring you shots of Robin Lord Taylor as The Penguin and Sean Pertwee as Alfred.

First up, let’s check out Penguin…

Fox/Warner Bros.

Hmmm, well I suppose he looks Penguin-y enough. They might have even added a bit of a prosthetic to make his nose pointier. Maybe? Not so sure about the mussed up Kate Gosselin hairdo though. The Penguin is supposed to be very refined despite his awkward, freakish appearance. That’s the irony. That’s the point. Penguin is looking a bit more dapper in set photos though.

Next up, we have Alfred…

Fox/Warner Bros. 

I suppose he’s fine. I dunno, can we maybe just do a proper Alfred sometime? Just to try it out? Thin guy, dark hair, balding, moustache. Almost every other Batman character has been faithfully adapted to live action at least once. I don’t mind some experimental casting, but we’ve never got an Alfred that felt particularly true to the comics. Alan Napier of the 60s Batman TV show was probably the closest I suppose.

So yeah, Gotham continues to look really, aggressively, okay-ish, which is probably a warning sign coming from a huge Batman fan/apologist like myself.

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