Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy The PS4

11.13.13 4 years ago 70 Comments

The Playstation 4 is just two days away! So, should you be lining up outside Best Buy, $400 in hand? I certainly have nothing against buying consoles at launch in theory, but there are some legit reasons you might want to hold off on that PS4 purchase, such as…

There’s Nothing To Play On It

Reviews for the PS4’s big launch game, Killzone: Shadow Fall have been pretty mixed, and reviewers have a tendency to take it easy on launch titles. Killzone currently has a Metacritic score 7-points lower than last-gen launch dud Perfect Dark Zero. Ouch.

The PS4’s other big launch title, Knack, is accumulating even worse reviews. And the guy who designed the PS4 made Knack! Not a great omen.

gammasquadps4no2Better learn to like this guy.

There Won’t Be Anything To Play On It For A While

Killzone and Knack may not be great, but you better find a way to love them, because the PS4 release calendar looks pretty bleak. The next glimmers of hope are Driveclub and InFamous: Second Son, which are both set to come out spring of 2014 (hopefully). Driveclub just looks like a generic racing game, but InFamous: Second Son has potential, although who knows — we haven’t seen much of the game outside of a few cinematics. After Driveclub and InFamous things go quiet again as far as exclusives go.

Microsoft may have put a lot of gamers off with their constant harping on about the Xbox One’s TV-watching capabilities, but the reality is the next Xbox has a much richer selection of exclusives coming out over the next six months.

It Won’t Do A Number of Things Your PS3 Did

Obviously the PS4 does a lot of things the PS3 can’t, but Sony has also quietly axed a number of features. You can’t play videos or MP3s on it for instance, and it’s lacking a YouTube app. The era of “It only does everything” is over.

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