Here’s The Steam Controller In Action

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10.11.13 4 Comments

Screenshot from 2013-10-11 14:37:20

Previously we’ve discussed Valve’s weird Steam Controller, but we also noted that you can’t really trash a controller until you’ve held it in your hands, and rubbed your thumbs around its trackpads in circles. So here’s a Valve employee doing just that.

The YouTube video, joking aside, does show off how configurable the controller is, namely, impressively so. That said, I want to know how big this guy’s TV is, that he can play Civ 5 on the couch.

Especially interesting is the dual-mouse mode shown off with Papers, Please, and you can get a sense of the precision involved with the Counter Strike: Global Offensive footage. Still, we’re wondering a few things, not the least of which is how raw your thumbs might feel after a few hours of constant dragging. Even the textured surface of thumbsticks can be a bit uncomfortable in the long term.

Still, if nothing else, it looks like a quality piece of controller, so far. Now to try and get the nipple comparisons out of my head.

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