Here's The Latest Crazy 'Killer Is Dead' Trailer

06.19.13 5 years ago 2 Comments


Killer Is Dead is the latest slice of insanity from Japanese game designer Suda 51, and well, he certainly isn’t straying far from his usual obsessions with this one. The game, which many are looking to as a spiritual successor to Killer7, the game Suda broke onto the world stage with, is another tale packed with assassins, cyborgs, spurting blood, ice queens and guys with ridiculous names like “Mondo Zappa”.

Hit the jump for the latest Killer Is Dead trailer, which not only showcases the title’s nutty story, but plenty of actual gameplay (which looks pretty slick)…

I love that the bloodshed is so over the top in this game, that it sounds like a bathtub just got emptied onto the floor every time somebody gets stabbed. Never change Suda.

via Rely On Horror

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