Here's What The Australian Wildfires Look Like From Space

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01.09.13 2 Comments

You might remember we talked about Commander Chris Hadfield and his awesome Twitter response to William Shatner. Commander Hadfield is currently posting a whole series of photos of the Earth from Twitter, and he passed along a few new photographs .

For those not following the news, Australia is in the middle of some of the worst heat in its history with wildfires to match, a heat so intense, the Australian Bureau of Meterology had to add two new colors to its maps to properly reflect the heat.

Currently wildfires are raging in five of the six Australian states. Here’s what it looks like from above:

Not that it’s all bad. Some of Australia is quite beautiful from space.

But it does really illustrate just how enormous and dangerous these fires are. So far, to the knowledge of authorities, nobody has been hurt, largely thanks to the fires occurring in rural areas of the continent. We sincerely hope that remains the case, and Australian authorities are working overtime to make it happen. As for the ecological damage, we’re not going to know until the fires are out and we’ve got a full accounting of what burned.

If you’d like lots more photos of the Earth, ranging from an observation of cities to seeing the good Commander’s old stomping grounds, check out his Twitter at Cmdr_Hadfield

All images courtesy NASA

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