Hey Nintendo Nerds — There Was a "Nintendo Direct" Presentation This Morning. Here's all the Info

Late last year Nintendo started doing these “Nintendo Direct” presentations — short streaming videos put out every few months that hype what’s coming up on Nintendo platforms with a few announcements mixed in here and there. They’re basically, mini, less flashy E3 presentations.

Well, there was a Nintendo Direct early this morning, and while it mostly focused on stuff we already know about, there was some interesting info to be gleaned.

– We learned more about the Mario Tennis game for 3DS. It’s going to be called Mario Tennis Open and it looks much closer in style to the awesome N64 Mario Tennis than to the over-elaborate, power-up focused Gamecube game.

– A remake of Fatal Frame 2 is hitting the Wii, and unlike the last Fatal Frame game on the system, this one’s being translated into English. So far only a European release is confirmed, but hey, even if it doesn’t officially arrive in North America, it’s not like hacking your Wii to play European games is a particularly well-guarded secret anymore.

– Capcom, Sega, and Bandai are all teaming up to make a game on the 3DS. Could be something interesting, could just be some anime adaptation nobody outside of Japan will care about. We shall see.

– A nutty-looking new game in the Brain Training series is coming out. Apparently it’s going to be called Devil Training, beeecause it’s extra hard I guess? Or maybe because knowledge is the root of all evil. I dunno. Nintendo’s going to have a hell (heh) of a time localizing this one for America.

As if this guy wasn’t scary enough already.

– The Last Story, the latest title from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, and one of the games that inspired the Operation Rainfall movement, is finally coming to North America. Interestingly, Nintendo will be handing publishing duties over to XSEED.

You can check out the Nintendo Direct videos for yourself after the jump…

First, here’s the Japanese one (with English subtitles).

Here’s the American version.

Hit the second page to check out some trailers of the games mentioned in the videos.

Here’s a lengthy rundown of Kid Icarus Uprising from Smash Bros. and Kirby creator Masahiro Sakurai. He is aided in his presentation by his beautiful beautiful hair.

Next, we have Mario Tennis Open. Not a balance-destroying power-up in sight!

Here’s Fatal Frame — packed with all the scared and/or scary Japanese girls you could want. 

Finally, here’s some Last Story for you.

Okay, Nintendo nerd-out done. For now.

via GoNintendo & NintendoEverything