Hey Trekkies — Rest Your Feet on the USS Enterprise!

01.30.12 7 years ago

Have you ever watched an old episode of Star Trek and upon seeing the Enterprise majestically soaring through space thought “hey, I wish I could rest my drinks and old copies of US Weekly on that“?

Well, apparently that thought came to Barry Shields, because he went and built himself an Enterprise-shaped coffee table. A glass coffee table at that. Cuh-lassy. Want it? You can buy it right here, provided you have $3,100 worth of gold-pressed latinum kicking around.

You know, if I had the money I’d consider buying the Enterprise table if ol’ Barry could promise to make me matching Romulan and Klingon warbird ones. Some people dream of winning the lottery and buying fancy cars and flashy houses — I dream of spending my days crashing my Star Trek coffee tables together while making phaser noises.

via Technabob

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