There Will Be Boob Jokes: ‘Tomb Raider’ Gets An Honest Trailer

“From the developer of games about clowns, goths, and the Geico Lizard comes the series that taught boys more about masturbation than sex-ed class.” So begins the classy honest trailer from Screen Junkies and Smosh Games, which touches on the entire Tomb Raider game/movie series.

Never has archeaology looked so shooty. And busty. And filled with animal cruelty. We almost GIF’d the scene of Lara Croft filling an already-dead tiger with an impossible quantity of bullets from her double guns, but it seemed just a weeeee bit excessive, so here is an equally silly GIF.

One thing you can always count on from a Tomb Raider game is finding new and ever more acrobatic ways to die in scenic locations.

But one thing we simply cannot countenance about this trailer is their insult of the Tomb Raider movies. I will not stand by and watch them besmirch any form of media wherein ANGELINA JOLIE PUNCHES A SHARK.


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Via Smosh Games