Honest Trailer Reveals Mario’s True Nature As They Tackle ‘Super Mario Maker’

Creating stages in Super Mario Maker is a pretty great experience. The tools are easy to use, the interface is full of fun Nintendo touches, and you can make levels that really do feel ripped from an actual Mario game. Yup, Super Mario Maker is awesome, or at least it is until you try to take on some user-created levels.

As Honest Trailers aptly points out, there’s a difference between good and merely sadistic level design, and most of the stuff people create in Super Mario Maker tends toward the latter. Ridiculous puzzles! Unfair traps! Bowsers everywhere! And, of course, lots and lots of impossible jumps! The kind and giving Super Mario Maker community has come with endless ways to make you feel like the worst Mario player ever.

But hey, that’s the magic of Super Mario Maker. If you don’t like what other people are making, you can create your own levels that are just the right level of challenge for you. I’ll admit, I spend most of my time playing through my own levels in a very self-satisfied fashion. If you like Mario platformers, Super Mario Maker really is like dying and going to a very specific kind of heaven.

(Via Smosh Games)