If The Box Art For Our Favorite Video Games Were More Honest

Last month, a new Facebook group, HonestVGBoxArt, gathered to crowdsource photoshops of video game box art with new, brutally honest titles. The group already has over 14,000 members making and commenting on over 100 honest video game titles. Whether you needed slams on disappointing recent titles, or you were looking for one line summaries of classic NES games, or you just want to vent about that f*cking dog in Duck Hunt, they’ve got you covered.

Our favorite 20 honest video game titles from HonestVGBoxArt are collected below, with the original title underneath each picture if you needed a hint. Thanks to The Daily What for the assist.

This applies to all Call Of Duty titles.

Duck Hunt

Super Mario Bros. 3

Animal Crossing


Team Fortress 2



Duke Nukem Forever

Star Fox 64 (Yiff in hell, Slippy.)

Mario Kart

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Brain Age

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Resident Evil 4


Watch Dogs


Legend of Zelda