'IllumiRoom': Here's A Closer, Surprisingly Honest Look At Microsoft's 'Xbox Holodeck'

This is your mind on IllumiRoom.

A few months back Microsoft officially announced IllumiRoom, an interesting new peripheral that projects game images onto the walls around your TV screen, essentially turning your living room into one large game environment. A crude holodeck if you will.

Or something. It’s remained unclear what exactly IllumiRoom is capable of — until now. Microsoft has released a new video that explains in surprisingly honest, plain terms what IllumiRoom can do. Hit the jump to check it out…

Okay, I suppose I’ll have to stop calling this the Xbox holodeck, since it only projects images on a single wall. Still, this thing is capable of some cool stuff — some of the more subtle effects, like being able to make the room look cell shaded or like a black and white movie are actually my favorites. Oh, and that ripple effect is pretty crazy. I could see buying IllumiRoom if Microsoft can sell it for an affordable price.

via Destructoid