‘Iron Man 3’ Super Bowl Spot Offers Some More Details

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02.04.13 6 Comments
Well, that’s just all kinds of bad.

Robert Downey Jr. just succeeded in making millions of women pregnant, televisually, with this ad spot. And the spot itself is pretty good too!

If you missed it, here it is:

For the record, that opening is what happens when you put Downey Jr. and Shane Black into the same room: You should see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang to understand how great this is. Also, in several countries you’re not legally human until you do.

Anyway, here’s the lengthy point by point overanalysis, for those who haven’t seen it:

  • That “lots of apologies” speech all over the trailers seems to directed at a specific person, likely Pepper, about putting her in danger, and now sounds a lot more like a dumping speech.
  • It looks an awful, awful lot like Happy Hogan is getting bumped off.
  • Apparently Coldblood isn’t going to be in that ridiculous Star-Spangled armor for the entire movie, since we see Don Cheadle in it, and his one shot doesn’t have him looking very happy.
  • Speaking of Coldblood, he’s still nowhere to be found in any of these trailers. Marvel may be messing with us.
  • The Mandarin seems very prone to planting bombs in places he should not be able to plant bombs.
  • The movie is going to have at least one very insane rescue sequence that will be dubbed, in its entirety, with the audio from Superman‘s infamous “Can You Read My Mind?” scene by the end of May 4th.

Also, we suspect this movie will be a bit less grim than the marketing materials indicate, because as cheap as that joke is, we still like it a lot more than “Hi, I’m some actor, and here’s that extended trailer we sent you to Facebook to see.”

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