James Cameron Insists There Will Be Four Avatar Movies, and That Everyone Should Be Filming Things in 5D

05.07.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

James Cameron has long been one of the loudest/most obnoxious pro-3D voices in Hollywood, but now he’s going a step further and insisting everything be filmed in 5D. It’s not quite as exciting as it sounds unfortunately — 5D refers to cameras that shoot both 2D and 3D footage simultaneously.

Currently 2D and 3D footage has to be shot on two different cameras, and since people still watch most stuff in 2D, the 2D cameras get preferential treatment. So for instance, at a live sporting event all the best angles are covered by 2D instead of 3D cameras. Combining the two with 5D cameras would solve this issue. It would also probably give James Cameron a boner, because seriously, this guy cares way too much about making sure we all watch as much 3D as humanly possible.

In movie news, Cameron has also revealed plans to reaaaaallly stretch out that old Fern Gully script he bought off Ebay, by making a whopping four Avatar movies. In the past Cameron has said he wanted to make three Avatar movies, but it seems as though a mere trilogy won’t be enough to contain all of Cameron’s ponytail sex and robot knife-fight plans. Oh, and also he wants to keep making dull deep sea diving documentaries and possibly visit Mars, because he’s James Cameron so who’s going to stop him?

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