We Finally Know Jena Malone’s Role In ‘Batman V. Superman’

Recently we told you Jena Malone would be making her DC Cinematic Universe appearance in Batman V Superman, but only on the Blu-ray. And that’s kind of sad because some rumors about her role have been confirmed, and they make us wonder what DC is up to.

Malone, according to a marketing survey for Batman V Superman, plays Barbara Gordon. Which is interesting not least because Zack Snyder has said she wasn’t playing Robin or Batgirl, and Commissioner Gordon isn’t turning up until Justice League arrives next year. It’s a bit odd that in a movie stuffed with cameos, DC couldn’t find room for a character whose recent reinvention sold a lot of issues and pushed the company to reinvent a few other characters and see what happened.

It’s also odd that this came out, despite Malone’s role being cut, via an online survey Warner Bros. was using to test TV ads. In turn that makes us wonder if they have larger plans for Batgirl, whose case is likely helped by the fact that in a movie starring Batman and Superman, people were most excited for Wonder Woman. Batgirl does seem to be everywhere these days in DC’s comics, and she’s also anchoring a new toy line and cartoon aimed at girls. With DC, that tends to hint at larger plans for a character, but we’ll just have to wait and see what might be announced later in the year.

(Via The Mary Sue)

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