Kinect on PS3?

03.22.11 7 years ago 3 Comments

It’s pretty much inevitable: a neat gizmo comes out for some gaming consoles, and hackers immediately get to work combining them with other gizmos on consoles they were never intended for. Kind of like genetic engineering, only without the whole “playing God” aspect, which is good, since that movie sucked.
Anyway, Shantanu Goel, which is an absolutely awesome name, has managed to combine the unholy processing power of the PS3 with the unholy housewife-drawing power of the Kinect to create a patchwork monstrosity known as…the Kinect-PS3. OK, so the name needs work, but the functioning is pretty awesome.
It’s early in development, so Goel just has the basics down: waving to navigate, push twice for X, and so on. But he’s working on full game profiles and skeletal tracking support. Now what to call it…I’ve got it! Eye Toy!
[ via the PS360 owners at Engadget ]

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