The Last Undiscovered ‘Halo 3’ Easter Egg Has Been Found (VIDEO)

07.10.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

It’s been seven years, but Halo 3 fans have finally found the last undiscovered Easter egg, and no, it’s not a Sasquatch. The hidden bit of code was discovered by YouTuber Lord Zedd, who realized that pressing both thumbsticks while in the loading screen on December 25th only will zoom out to a new view of the Halo ring. In very subtle, scrolling print on the ring it says, “Happy Birthday Lauren!”

So who’s Lauren? Besides being someone with a Christmas birthday, getting shafted on presents every year, she’s also reportedly married to Bungie employee Adrian Perez. In Bungie Mail Sack 13 he said his proudest moment at Bungie so far was “Showing my wife the Easter egg I put in the Halo 3 loading screen for her – the one that nobody has found yet.”

Fans who were following these Q&A sessions were already familiar with something another employee said in Bungie Mail Sack 9.0: “There is one Easter egg in Halo 3 that I don’t think anyone has found – I stumbled across it in code a while back. It only happens on a specific day…so good luck.”

These Easter egg hunting fans are far more dedicated than we’ll ever be. I thought I was hot sh*t for finding the shortcuts in Wario Stadium and D.K.’s Jungle Park in Mario Kart 64. You want me to find shortcuts involving a two thumbsticks and a calendar? Madness.

Via /r/gaming, VG24/7, and Team Beyond

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