The Latest Japanese Trailer For ‘Super Mario 3D World’ Is Packed With Powerups And General Craziness

10.23.13 5 years ago 5 Comments


When Nintendo revealed the Wii U’s first “3D” Mario game would be a sequel of sorts to the 3DS title Super Mario 3D Land, a lot of people were put off. Why not another Galaxy game? Or something completely new?

Thankfully for Nintendo, public opinion shifted significantly when they released an impressive new trailer for Super Mario 3D World earlier this month. 3D World may have looked somewhat bland at E3, but this new footage was impressively varied, refreshingly silly and just downright fun looking.

Well, now Nintendo’s Japanese branch has released another even more impressive trailer. This one’s almost 6-minutes long, features no-less than a dozen different powerups and all sorts of random insanity like giant Bullet Bills with cat ears and Mario totally taking a nice long gander up Peach’s dress as they fly through a glass warp pipe.

So yeah, I think Nintendo should just officially rename this game Super Mario F–k It, We’re Putting Whatever We Want In This One.

gammasquadmario3dworld3Anybody surprised Toad totally isn’t into this? Anybody?

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