If You Want This Special LEGO Rocket Raccoon, You’d Better Be Flush With Cash

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For the uninitiated, large-scale conventions (and none is as big as San Diego Comic Con) often see “exclusives” — usually toys — that, if you want one badly enough, you’ll spend half a day in line to get. I have yet to see something previewed as a con-only release that I felt I could waste precious time trying to get. The Wonder Woman Invisible Jet comes close, and yes that is a scalper charging $300 for a box of air.

This year at SDCC, LEGO is going to be selling a limited edition convention-only Rocket Raccoon set to promote Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Rocket Raccoon Warbird set will be going for $39.99 at the convention, and probably several hundred dollars more online afterwards. There’s already scalpers on eBay selling the possibility that they may get one, and they’re charging about $150. Meaning, I guess, you’re paying $40 for the set and $110 to motivate someone else to stand in line for you.

The set is 145 pieces, which for other sets that size would cost about $15 retail. I suppose the extra cash you’ll be forking out is really for this “alternate” Rocket Raccoon minifigure, where his uniform is maroon instead of orange:



The Warbird ship isn’t currently available in any other Guardians of the Galaxy set, and the way these things go, it might never be available anywhere other than eBay. I find con exclusive stuff like this disappointing. LEGO is designed for children, and you’d think they’d sell more toys to 8 year olds by putting them in, y’know, stores. Of course, I’m the idiot that collects minifigs and will probably pay $20 just for the variant Rocket Raccoon, if it shows up other places later on.

Maybe I’m exaggerating on the wait times for exclusive releases, since I’ve never actually bothered to get one. What’s the longest you’ve ever stood in line for something like this at a convention?

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