Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘The Flash’ Changes Time While ‘Agents Of SHIELD’ Finds Love

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03.24.15 405 Comments

Last week, The Flash discovered time travel, which will allow it to undo a whole bunch of plot points, while introducing any of a number of other plot points. All of which seem to revolve around abusing Cisco, which we will be liveblogging tonight.

A quick recap: The Weather Wizard, angry at Joe for kinda sorta killing his brother, tried to crush Central City under a tsunami. Barry was forced to reveal his true identity to Iris, and then run like hell to push said wave back. He ran so fast that he went back in time. No, this makes no sense according to physics, but according to physics Barry should be naked every time he stops running, so let’s just roll with it. Apparently, though, this is just the start of Barry’s problems, which we will discover at 8pm EST. Then, right after:

Agents of SHIELD will probably lack Kyle MacLachlan in any meaningful capacity this episode, which is a shame because he was great in last week’s episode. But it also set up a rather fascinating new plotline, which is that there’s not just one version of SHIELD. There’s at least one other, and it thinks that maybe Coulson shouldn’t be running the show. Which actually is a pretty compelling argument, as Coulson has shown an increasing ruthlessness and lack of perspective. We’ll see how they act on it at 9pm EST tonight.

Again, we’ll be liveblogging everything, and it’ll start at 8pm EST with The Flash. Join us, won’t you?

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