Dogs Bearing Gifts, A Surfing Cat, And Links

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Exclusive Supercut: 5-Second Films At The Movies |Film Drunk|

The Best Of ‘Happy Endings’ #Penny Hartz |UPROXX|

Breaking Badass Power Rankings: ‘Dead Freight’ |Warming Glow|

Cult Movies Get The Artistic Love They Deserve In ‘Crazy 4 Cult New York’ |UPROXX|

Holy Crap, Miami Heat Porn Star Oral Celebration Actually Happened |With Leather|

Yes, You Care: Kim Kardashian In A Teeny Red Bikini |Smoking Section|

Peter King Draws No Conclusions From The Preseason, Other Than The Ones He Does |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

Here’s A Horrifying Reminder That OJ Simpson Is Responsible For The Kardashians’ Success |With Leather|

20 Best Jokes From Roseanne’s Comedy Central Roast |Warming Glow|

RoboCop is a transformer who fights Al-Qaeda now |Film Drunk|

20 Greatest Non-Sporting Moments Of The 2012 London Olympics Immortalized In GIF Form |UPROXX|

Feline “Fruit Ninja” iPad All Star |Buzzfeed|

‘Baby Got Back’ Sung by the Movies |Gorilla Mask|

12 Pictures of People Being Friendly with Sharks |College Humor|

Garfield Def Comedy Jam Is Heavy on the Lasagna Jokes |The FW|

Fun with Korean Language Class: ‘Do You Want Coke, or C*ck?’ |BroBible|

Thousands of disappointed fans immediately book reservations at Hedonism |Fark|

11 Time Traveler Urban Legends That Pretty Much Debunk Themselves |Mental Floss|

The Headlines of The Gotham Gazette During The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers) |Unreality|

VIDEO BELOW: Surfing cat extricates herself from doggy danger |via The Daily What|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Tastefully Offensive.]

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