Liveblog Reminder: 'Arrow' Is Caught 'Dead To Rights' Tonight

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02.27.13 149 Comments

Well, that’s what happens when Arrow gives you eye surgery at 50 yards

This episode heralds the return of Geoff Johns. It also apparently will feature at least one male cast member not wearing a shirt for the majority of the episode, if early previews are any indication.

Actually, this episode promises to be about as action-packed as it gets: Moira is sending both Deadshot and China White after the series’ overarching antagonist Malcolm Merlyn, with Ollie also getting on his ass, and the flashback sequence seems to be largely concerned with a theme of finding a way out where there is none. Also, apparently Slade Wilson in this series is going to teach Ollie not just martial arts but also a mastery of snark-fu:

Joking aside, this really does look like the show is finally starting to show some cohesion. The family drama plotline and the superheroics are becoming more tightly integrated, which is only a good thing.

We’ll be seeing who fails Starling City starting tonight at 8pm EST.

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