Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Pins Down ‘The Scientist’ Tonight

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12.04.13 244 Comments


You ready for a Flash? Tonight Arrow introduces Barry Allen into the pointy mix. Below, our bullet-pointed catch-up and a plot summary, going into the two-part mid-season finale.

Actually, calling this a “mid-season” finale is weird because the show’s back January 15th anyway. But, here’s what’s been going on:

  • Ollie killed Count Vertigo, a homicidal drug dealer who spiked flu vaccines with his designer drug, to save Felicity. He took two arrows to the chest before falling off a skyscraper and hitting a car, so it’s fairly safe to say that he will not be a recurring character!
  • Ollie is supposed to feel bad about this. The audience decidedly does not.
  • Moira Queen was ruled not guilty, much to everyone’s surprise, considering that basically she was headed straight for the chair. Amazingly, this cannot to be chalked up to Laurelbadger being a terrible lawyer, although that probably didn’t help.
  • We quickly learn at the end of the episode that Malcolm Merlyn, last season’s major antagonist, was the one who made it happen.
  • We also have learned that Thea is, in fact, Merlyn’s daughter. This may shock her into washing her hair.
  • And on Flashback Island, Ollie takes the brainwashed Sara with him to his secret hiding place with his friends, because Ollie, on Flashback Island, is a moron.

This episode is promising for a whole bunch of reasons. One, the Moira Queen subplot was clunky and terrible, but now it’s gone, and Moira can have something to do with the parts of the plot we actually care about. Laurel and Thea will now have to duke it out for Most Useless Character. Two, it will introduce Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, who will in fairly short order be getting his own pilot as the Flash. Apparently, these two episodes were so good, the CW skipped over the backdoor pilot plan.

So now Grant Gustin just has to not remind us of Wesley Crusher. We’ll start dissecting how he does tonight at 8pm EST.

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