Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Wraps Up 2012 Tonight

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12.12.12 139 Comments

Arrow must suffer the fate every hero must face eventually: squaring off against an evil version of himself. And over Christmas, no less.

The episode is essentially Ollie dealing with his insane double, which the CW is keeping secret for now and we’re assuming will be a massive cliffhanger when the season picks up again for sweeps.

In the meantime, Ollie gets yet another guilt trip: Apparently while he was away his evil mother and his bratty sister stopped celebrating Christmas, which is a bit much even for this show. So Ollie has to hunt down his evil doppelganger while also keeping his family. You know, the usual.

The show has been a bit off the last few episodes, especially since the family drama has sat less and less easily with the action scenes and Geoff Johns wrote an episode, showing up the entire writing staff of the show with a great episode.

That said, 2013 has promise. As we’ve mentioned previously, Manu Bennett will be playing Deathstroke, and Colton Haynes will be playing Thea’s love interest…

Roy Harper. That’s… a bit out of left field.

We’ll start the fun tonight at 8pm EST.

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