LucasArts Was Making A Darth Maul Buddy Cop Adventure Before They Were Shut Down

04.11.14 4 years ago 7 Comments


The Star Wars prequels may have been mostly rubbish, but hey, at least they gave us Darth Maul. He was pretty cool, right? Or do we hate him now too?

Well anyways, until until quite recently LucasArts was planning to give fans another taste of the red and black guy. Developed by Red Fly, one of the companies that worked on the solid Star Wars: The Force Unleashed series, this game would have involved Darth Maul teaming up with Darth Talon for buddy cop-like adventures. That sounds, uh, interesting. Apparently George Lucas himself suggested this idea, which honestly isn’t terribly shocking (because the idea sounds kind of goofy, you see).

You can check out some footage of Darth Maul in action below…

The Darth Maul game was eventually cancelled in 2011, and of course there’s now no chance of it being revived given last year’s shutdown of LucasArts. Hey Amy Hennig, make us feel better about this and slip a little Maul into your game.

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