Man Turns Nissan Truck Into A (Significantly More Awesome) Battle-Mech

07.31.13 5 years ago 8 Comments

gammasquadmech1Believe it or not, it’s possible for this Nissan truck to be ever more cool.

So, that thing up above is a Nissan truck. Maybe you own one! If you do, you probably use it for boring things like driving to work or hauling equipment. Pfft! Lame.

You should be more like this guy from China (I think he’s from China — this was first posted on a Chinese message board) who took his truck, tore it apart and combined it with some other junk, turning it into a hulking, 12-foot-tall mech.

Hit the jump for some pics…



Now, this thing is just a sculpture, it’s not actually functional — at least I hope it’s not. Oh God, the Chinese have Nissan truck mechs, don’t they? Dammit! Where are our American-made truck mechs? Way to f–k it up again Detroit!

via Obvious Winner

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