‘Mario Kart 8’ Shows Off New Characters, Weapons And Rainbow Road In Its Latest Trailer

04.03.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


If there’s one game that still might be able to “save” the Wii U, it’s Mario Kart 8. Unlike most Wii U games so far, it looks like it really brings something new to the table. Like, for instance, Mario’s moustache now blows around in the wind as he’s driving! This is some next-gen s–t kids!

Last night Nintendo dropped a new trailer featuring peeks at some new racers, weapons, new tracks, classic tracks reimagined with new anti-gravity sections and yes, a look at the awesome new version of Rainbow Road. Check it out below…

A number of websites also got to go hands-on with the game and have posted footage. Here’s a preview of a few tracks from Gamespot

And here’s a better look at Rainbow Road from GameXplain

Despite the game appearing to be more or less finished, Mario Kart fans will still have to wait until May 30th. Hang in there Wii U owners!

via GoNintendo, Gamespot & GameXplain

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