Konami Debuted A New ‘Metal Gear’ Trailer Without Kojima, And Twitter Isn’t Having It

Konami is finally done pretending Hideo Kojima is just on vacation. Kojima has moved on to other things involving a naked Norman Reedus, and Konami just released a trailer (above) for Metal Gear Survive, their first Metal Gear game not created by Kojima. It’s billed as a co-op survival game set in an alternate universe. Yes, that means zombies. It always means zombies.

Oh, goody, a zombie version of Metal Gear without Kojima’s input. Let’s see how YouTube viewers receive that…


And Twitter wasn’t any more kind about a zombie Metal Gear alternate universe without Kojima’s input, either:


And some people noticed the Resident Evil vibe to the whole thing:


Others were just bathing in the schadenfreude:


But the best reaction of all is still a photoshop of Kojima posted by Norman Reedus two months ago:

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Pinky out, because you have to keep it classy when you drink those salty tears.

(Via Kotaku and IGN)