NASA Wants You To Vote On The Z-2 Spacesuit Design

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03.24.14 7 Comments


It’s your tax dollars at work when we fling highly trained pilots/scientists into the cold, terrifying void of space, so the least NASA can do is let you vote on how they look. Hence, NASA is looking for the public to vote on which design the Z-2 Spacesuit, the astronaut suit of the future, should take on.

There are three designs available on the site. The first is “Trends in Society”, which sounds like a community episode but is intended to be a reflection of how NASA sees the future of sportswear. You know, because scientific predictions about the future are absolutely flawless. This one includes a glowing line that comes out of the crotch!


“Technology”, or “The suit video game developers will rip off the most:”


And “Biomimicry”, which is essentially a suit that imitates creatures deep in the ocean’s depths:


Of the three, “Technology” seems the best to us personally, because we are easily distracted by shiny things. But all of the suits have a few similarities: They light up in dark areas, and are, of course, airtight exosuits. Most of the internal technology is not up for a vote, for obvious reasons: We’d be sending those poor bastards out there in snorkels.

So, go forth, America, and vote. And remember, proper voting means that you get to force people who are your physical and intellectual superior in every way to dress like dorks. Go team “Trends In Society!”

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