New “Star Trek” Comic Reboots Old Episodes?

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09.21.11 2 Comments

Apparently, the new “Star Trek” comics feature Paramount, to some degree, trying to rewrite history: they’re retelling episodes from the original series with the new movie’s cast, and the occasional different perspective.

I read the issue and I’m torn. The issue itself is actually pretty good: Stephen Molnar does an excellent job with the art, and Mike Johnson handles writing duties well. The updating of the episode and its concepts are fairly solid, and I like that Mike Johnson has cleared up a few things that were hazy in the original episode. He does a good job of tying together the new continuity and the old continuity. In short, he writes good Trek, even if the plot was already given to him.

Therein, though, lies the problem. The entire point of the reboot movie was that we were no longer IN the original continuity, that the original series plots had never happened. And frankly I can’t help wondering what the intent is here: Trekkies will probably loathe this “remake” on sight and casual fans probably couldn’t care less. I know IDW has to work with Paramount, in fact probably has to take orders from Paramount to some degree, but I can’t help but feel this comic is kinda pointless. Let these guys off the leash, Paramount, they’ll do you right.

[ via the reboot fitters at Comics Alliance ]

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