This Nintendo Parody Video Perfectly Sums Up All Of Nintendo's Recent Announcements

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Sophisticated Cat should buy a Wii U -- Nintendo parody

Nintendo didn’t show up at E3 this year, but they still released some videos online which spawned at least one popular meme. Now there’s a convenient “abridged version” of Nintendo’s answer to E3 made by Matt Lees of Videogamer. He’s the same funny Brit behind the “abridged version” of Sony’s PS4 conference and a funny breakdown of sexism in video games.

The Nintendo parody below is filled with swearwords, so get your headphones out. It starts out a bit subdued then gets crazier as it goes, much like many Nintendo games, actually.

That “dinosaurs and robots that turn into tanks” game is a JRPG named X, by the way, and his reaction was completely rational.

(H/T: Kotaku and Memebase)

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