Nock And Load: Five Reasons It's Time For A Green Arrow Game

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02.28.13 13 Comments

Superman has a few decent games, Batman has a couple of classics, but most of DC’s heroes don’t have a game to call their own.

That needs to change, and one place it can start is with Green Arrow. Here’s why.

The Character Is More Popular Now Than He’s Ever Been

Green Arrow’s got a somewhat popular TV series, and Warner Bros. has been trying to bring the character to wider recognition for a long time now. For example, there was a script called Supermax that sadly went nowhere about Ollie breaking out of a prison full of angry supervillains after getting framed.

A movie is probably a reach, but a well-designed video game is another matter entirely, especially since Warner Bros. now has Warner Bros. Interactive, a publisher that’s starting to find their feet in the gaming market.

The Basic Groundwork Was Laid With The Thief Series

Any Green Arrow game would be a mix of action and stealth, with a use of a lot of trick arrows. If this sounds a little familiar, you’re probably a fan of Thief. While a Green Arrow game could add its own dynamics, like sniping and brawling since Green Arrow is pretty good hand-to-hand, the basic idea isn’t something alien and in fact won a lot of awards.

Every Single Game Featuring A Bow Means Gamers Are Familiar With It

Archery has been a major fad in games lately. Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Tomb Raider, and I Am Alive all feature bows to varying degrees of realism, and that’s just the games we can think of. One of the big problems in a Green Arrow game was that archery isn’t the same as firearms, but now, gamers are comfortable with it.

The Physics Problems Are Licked, As Well

Far Cry 3 has arrow drop, and while any superhero game would not unreasonably take substantial liberties with physics, somewhat realistic archery is no longer that hard, and could add a substantial challenge to the game.

He’s Got All Those Wonderful Toys

As goofy as stuff like the hacking arrow and the fire extinguisher arrow is on the page, they’re a lot of fun in a game. Fill the levels with lots of environmental hazards that Ollie can manipulate with different trick arrows, and you’ve got a game that’s hard to screw up.

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