‘Oblivion’ Has A New, Spoiler-Free, TV Spot

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01.21.13 8 Comments

Despite all the jokes about Tom Cruise remaking Wall-E, if you pay attention to the first trailer for Oblivion, it’s fairly clear somebody is screwing with Tom Cruise’s head. Something the new spot leaves out in favor of showing a smashed Pentagon.

Airing during yesterday’s actual violence, apparently, here’s the new TV spot:

Before we begin analyzing this, is anybody else sick of the Yankees hat signifying “He’s just an everyday dude?” It’s one of the blandest ways to give somebody a “personality trait” by sticking a prop on them, which is already pretty weak.

Anyway, we don’t actually know a lot about this movie; there haven’t been any advance screenings or other detailed reviews. We do know that Joseph Kosinski, the guy who pretty much salvaged the Tron franchise with Tron: Legacy is directing from an original concept, and Universal put some fairly serious screenwriters on the movie.

But this is especially interesting when you look at the first trailer:

Putting the two together tends to point towards the marketing trying to avoid some sort of huge plot twist. Either that or they’re just trying to make it look as much like Wall-E meets Dead Space as possible on a bet. We’re not ruling out either.

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