Honest Trailers Pulls Some Real Jerk Moves As It Takes On Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’

Hey, have you heard? Overwatch is out! Yeah, you probably have heard, since it’s all most fans and gaming websites want to talk about, but hey, perhaps you’re not that into shooters. Or, uh, maybe you’ve literally been living in a cave. Or just got out of a coma! We keep all readers in mind here at Uproxx. Well, for those of you still in the dark, Honest Trailers is here to run down Blizzard’s Overwatch in their trademark no-nonsense way.

As you might expect, Honest Trailers makes a lot of comparisons between Overwatch and Team Fortress 2, because seriously, they’re the same game. They also call out a lot of the dick moves you can pull in the game, the most egregious of which is playing as Bastion. Of course, you can expect new names for all the characters as well, since that’s kind of an Honest Trailers tradition. “Tim the Turret Man Taylor” gets my vote as the best one. The big surprise? Not as many Tracer butt jokes as you’d expect, but I guess sometimes you have to take the high road.

What do you folks think? Been enjoying the game so far, or has Overwatch been over hyped?