Palmiotti And Grey To Offer Up ‘Sex And Violence’

12.14.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

We know what you’re thinking: Why would they try and make a 64-page graphic novel about The Exploited recording their seminal track?

Turns out Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray want to write about actual sex and violence. Interestingly, they won’t be cowriting, but rather writing two intertwined stories.

Gray’s is called Pornland, Oregon with Jimmy Broxton on art duties and is about an angry grandpa killing pornographers in Portland. In other words, it’s the movie Hard Core, except with more dead hipsters, which is not a bad thing. Broxton’s art actually is a selling point all on its own:

Palmiotti’s is called Girl In A Storm and, sticking with the movie thing, is basically Rear Window with more lesbians and sexual confusion. Juan Santa Cruz is on art duties, and, again, it looks good:

This project, their third Kickstarter effort, doubled its goals, so it’s off to be produced. When exactly it’ll hit will be up in the air: Gray and Palmiotti tend to fulfill their Kickstarter rewards first, and those of us who didn’t get on the ground floor will just have to wait until that happens. That said, we’re pretty sure that this will be turned around fairly soon.

After all, there’s substantial demand for the subject matter.

Also, we have to admit, we do kinda want to read that graphic novel about The Exploited.

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