PAX East: The Wireless Trail of Tears

Senior Contributor

So, the BCEC, a gigantic convention center, is supposed to be the crown jewel of this fine city’s waterfront. Modern, with a communications network to match, and free wireless for all. Unless “all” happens to be a bunch of nerds with laptops.

Which is why I’m stealing wireless from a hotel to bring you this missive, friends, because their wireless network is down.

This isn’t an isolated problem, either. It’s causing havoc across the convention center, messing up LAN play, the BYOC computer section, and who knows what else. At issue seems to be the fact that nobody realized that this was A) going to bring in every nerd from the Eastern Seaboard in a town already full of nerds, and B) they might want to spend a little money reinforcing their systems.

The good news, though, is that it hasn’t brought the vendors down. I’ve caught some great videos from the floor (well, great is a relative term) of new indie games, tabletop games, and other excitement. I’ve also played some previews and seen some upcoming games that I’m still digesting, but never fear: we’ll have more for you as the day progresses.

image via Angermann on Flickr

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