Dhalsim Makes The Case For Baby Skull Jewelry In A New 'Street Fighter Red Tape'

The Pete Holmes Show has made another “Street Fighter Red Tape” sketch, following up on the ones for Ryu/Zack Morris, Vega, and Chun-Li. This time Pete tries to figure out Dhalsim, played by comedian Kumail Nanjiani. Specifically, he’d like an explanation for why a self-proclaimed yoga master would join a street fight.

Dhalsim explains he’s actually fighting for peace because he’s a “big peace guy”. Pete responds:

“Around your neck, are those peace skulls? The jewelry, the human skull jewelry you have?”

“Oh! These guys? Yeah. These are peace skulls.”

“Those are human skulls, and they’re very, very small. If those are baby skulls, I don’t even want to know. I couldn’t begin to describe that to legal.”

“Okay, well, in yoga there’s a lot of, like, different kinds of things that are considered, like, okay to do. Some people would say that you can’t do yoga on a full stomach, and then some people say that it’s okay to wear baby skulls around your neck.”

We’ll never look at Dhalsim the same way again.

Via Pete Holmes