Play As Ada Wong! Play As a Zombie! Spider Lady Boobs! Resident Evil 6 Has It All. Here’s Some New Footage

08.01.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

A new scenario and multiplayer mode have been unveiled for the already rather overstuffed Resident Evil 6.

The new scenario is “Ada’s Story”, a fourth campaign that’s unlocked after you beat Resident Evil 6’s other three campaigns. Ada’s Story of course stars the mysterious Ada Wong and, interestingly, will be single-player only — no having to round up another player or put up with a computer AI partner like the game’s other campaigns.

The multiplayer mode, “Agent Hunt” turns the regular RE dynamic on it’s head, putting you in charge of a zombie or mutant creature out to murder the heroic agents.

Hit the jump for some footage of Ada’s Story, which just so happens to contain the spider lady boobs we reported on a while back…


Too bad this is an unlockable — this is the best looking Resident Evil 6 footage I’ve seen so far.

via Siliconera & GamingCrackleHD

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