This Distracted ‘Pokemon Go’ Player Crashed Into A Police Car On Camera

Over the past couple weeks we’ve heard a lot of stories about Pokemon Go players doing some pretty dumb things. People have broken into a zoo, almost been shot on private property and straight-up fallen off a cliff. Unfortunately we only learn about these ridiculous stories after the fact, so there’s almost never any video footage of the Pokemon Go tomfoolery.

Well, that changes now as the Baltimore Police Department has released a video of a guy sideswiping the hell out of a parked police cruiser while playing.

The police are surprisingly calm about the whole thing — making sure the driver is okay and not seeming particularly put out when he reveals the accident was caused by Pokemon Go. Make no mistake, I’m sure the driver was given one hell of a ticket, and probably a suspended license, for playing the “dumb ass game” while driving. Otherwise things remain pretty chill. The fact that most of the cops likely have Pokemon Go on their own phones probably helped foster the spirit of understanding.

So yeah, it’s been said before, but bears repeating — don’t Pokemon Go and drive, kids.

(Via Kotaku)