'Presidential Monsters' Turns Historical Figures Into Actual Nightmares

02.12.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

Many would argue you need the mindset of a monster to become a politician. So why not mash up famous presidents and Universal movie monsters? That seems to be the thrust of the Presidential Monsters series.

Courtesy of Heroes In Action Toys, we do have to admit, these are kind of amusing in both their tributes to old action figures and mashing up Presidents and classic monsters.

The figures themselves are packaged and largely designed to look like Megos, which is actually pretty amusing. Most of the energy actually seems to be focused on the head sculpts, which do look really good: mixing classic monster makeup and the recognizable features of a President isn’t a particularly easy artistic feat.

OK, so not all the puns are up to the level of “Baracula”, but where else are you going to see eight inches of Nixon as the Gill Man? Here are photos of all seven:

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