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Saturday’s Best Rapture Bombs [Uproxx]

A Tribute in remembrance of Macho Man Randy Savage [Uproxx]

Monkey in a dress steals the show at the Hangover 2 premiere [Filmdrunk]

Ten Essential Books About Television [WarmingGlow]

Mom Sues Four Loko Over Son’s Death [TSS]

First Picture Of Tom Hardy As Bane [Filmdrunk]

The Dugout: I’ll Miss You, Macho Man [WithLeather]

8 people fired for “planking” on the job [UproxxNews]

Chucky Video Game Announced [G4TV]

Superheroes Drive The Most Ridiculous Rides [UGO]

Moviefone Mash: Pirates ARGGHHH! (video) [Moviefone]

Flowchart: What Are You Doing After Graduation? [CollegeHumor]

Incredible Video Of The Aftermath Of The Tornado In Joplin, MO [Buzzfeed]

Mark Burnett on Donald Trump, The Voice, and Why Survivor Survives [TVSquad]

Pope makes first-ever phone call to bless astronauts. He says even though Catholics in space are weightless, they still need mass [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: Dog Gives Kitty a Scooter Ride [via Buzzfeed]

[Pictures via theduty and Reddit]

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