Reminder: Deathstroke Goes After ‘Arrow’ Tonight

11.07.12 6 years ago 183 Comments

Last week’s episode of Arrow was a bit of an off-day for the series, mostly because it was concerned with stuffing in a bunch of plot-arc related stuff. On the other hand, we got more Felicity Smoak, Walter Steele turned out to not be such a bad guy after all, Diggle is officially on Ollie’s side now, and the episode ended on a high note with Ollie getting bagged for being Arrow.

All of which leads up to what promises to be a very flashback heavy episode tonight, featuring none other than Deathstroke.

There’s a fairly big hint as to how, exactly, this episode will end for Slade Wilson considering the pilot showed his mask on a pike near Ollie’s encampment and Ollie has been shown to not be terribly shy about killing people with pointy sticks. Also, it’s unlikely Deathstroke will have the healing factor that his comic book counterpart has: This isn’t that kind of show. He may also be Russian, considering the island Ollie was stranded on had a lot of Russkies on it.

That said, it will be interesting to see how ol’ Orange Mask fits into the mythology the show is building, and hey, who knows, maybe he’s not dead. GA in the comics was more than happy to settle for plucking out an eye, so maybe he’ll make it out of the episode alive.

And, of course, there’s the question of how Ollie is avoiding jail now that he’s been bagged by Quentin. We’ll be liveblogging this tonight as usual, so be here at 8pm EST when the fun starts.

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