We Must Possess This Official ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Rocket Raccoon Toy

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02.21.14 6 Comments


Groot, we’re gonna be rich,” says this official Rocket Raccoon toy demonstrated at Toy Fair 2014. Damn right you’re gonna be rich, ’cause we’re going to buy, like, eleventy brazilian of these adorable little fellows. Watching this “Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon” in action made me clap happily like a seal, even more so than the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends Infinite Series 6-inch action figures.

Director James Gunn confirmed on Twitter that the voice of the toy is not the same as the Rocket Raccoon in the movie (voiced by Bradley Cooper). To hear Bradley Cooper’s version of Rocket Raccoon, you can check out this “Meet The Guardians” video.

As much as we enjoyed the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and the funny mashups it’s inspired (like this one), we’re still looking forward to any Rocket Raccoon we can get, including this:

Video via CBM.

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