You Know That ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage Starring Ryan Reynolds? Blur Studio Just Officially Released It.

Yesterday Vince posted the leaked test footage from a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds, who totally did not play the character in a movie before shut up shut up that movie doesn’t exist. The test footage seemed to be the video we heard about back in 2012, when the director (Tim Miller) had purportedly animated 8 minutes of test footage (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) at his company, Blur Studio. Rob Liefeld described the footage as rated R (which fit with producer Lauren Shuler Donner’s statements) and as close to Deadpool as we can expect.

Confirming that the leaked footage was indeed a selection from the 8-minute test video, Blur Studios has just released this higher-res version:

There is so much about this to love. Bury me in chimichangas. My work here is done.