Scientists Find Bloggers and Online Buzz Are More Important to Movie Success Than Advertising

06.19.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Hey, listen up Hollywood, scientists have just used their science to prove how important bloggers are. Specifically, Japanese scientists have found a direct correlation between the number of people writing about a movie online and how well it will perform at the box office — the more online posts a movie attracts, the better it does.

In fact, online buzz seems to be more important to a movie’s success than advertising. There’s apparently no direct relationship between advertising spending and movie success (a fact the makers of John Carter and Battleship would no doubt testify to).

“But wait,” you say, “does online buzz really do anything for a movie, or is the Internet just buzzing because the movie looks good in the first place?”

Good question. The answer is, shut up, of course bloggers are super important and key to any movie’s success. Hey, Ridley Scott, where’s my thank you note for the dozen posts I did about Prometheus? You out there Christopher Nolan? I’m going send you my PayPal address — do the right thing or I might just develop a rare, specialized variety of carpal tunnel syndrome that prevents me from writing posts about Batman movies. Oh, and to Ryan Reynolds — sorry buddy, you’re f–ked.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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