Show Me The Wookiee! Tom Cruise Might Be In ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’.

06.24.14 4 years ago 39 Comments


Oh dear, Star Wars: Episode VII is kind of going off the rails, isn’t it? Or, uh, flying into the asteroid field. Harrison Ford has broken his leg, perhaps necessitating major filming delays, and now rumors are burbling up that Tom freakin’ Cruise might be in the movie.

Word is Cruise recently met with J.J. Abrams in London to discuss some sort of role in Episode VII. Tom Cruise in Star Wars may seriously strain credulity, but Cruise and Abrams have worked together multiple times on the Mission Impossible franchise, so it might not be that far fetched. Of course this rumor was printed in British tabloid The Sun, so there’s a good chance it’s bullsh*t, but then again The Sun has got stuff like this right in the past and, frankly, British tabloids are probably still more reliable than some of the rumor mongering blogs out there.

But hey, Tom Cruise in Star Wars doesn’t have to be a negative! I can think of at least two scenarios where it would be a good thing…

a) Wicket returns, somehow gets his fur shaved off and it turns out he looks like Tom Cruise underneath.

b) New extra special editions of the prequel trilogy are coming out that replace all of Hayden Christensen’s scenes with Cruise.

Got any ideas of your own? Hit the comments and share. Let’s make the best of a bad situation.

Via The Escapist

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