Sony May Be Planning To Get ‘So Bad’ With A Modern Version Of The NES Power Glove

Ah, the Power Glove. For those whippersnappers too young to know, the Power Glove was an early attempt at a motion controller built into a big bulky glove, and every kid alive during the late ’80s lusted after one. I mean, how could you not want one after epic commercials like these?

Or after it was endorsed by The Wizard‘s video game bad boy Lucas?

Unfortunately, the Power Glove really was so bad. As in, it was a bad piece of hardware that rarely worked properly. Well, more than 25 years later, Sony may be taking their own crack at the Power Glove, as eagle-eyed gamers recently discovered a Sony patent for a new glove controller. The controller would be able to detect the position and shape of your hand using cameras and flex sensors, and is likely intended to be used with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR headset.

The patent filing came with a few diagrams demonstrating the glove’s various uses…

I’ll admit, I want to know more about the game that requires you to clutch onto a bouquet of flowers. The future of video games is going to be romantic as hell! What do you think? Assuming it actually works this time around, would you be into a new glove-based controller?

(via WCCF Tech)