The Awfulness Of Star Wars Kinect Inspires Harrison Ford Mashup And Gifs

A couple days ago we posted three “are you f–king kidding me?” videos for Kinect Star Wars’ dancing mini-game and declared it the early frontrunner for worst/unintentionally best game of the year. If you don’t want to watch the videos, just imagine Han Solo doing the cabbage patch while club music plays and far off in the background George Lucas can be spotted laying in a kiddie pool, pouring melted butter on himself and Jabba-laughing while inappropriately touching our inner child. Picturing it? Okay, that’s close enough to the experience of Kinect Star Wars.

Thankfully someone has now made a mashup of the “I’m Han Solo” video and the footage of Harrison Ford pretending to care about Uncharted 3. That’s below along with several .gifs from Kinect Star Wars made by Kotaku. I can think of no situation where these .gifs won’t come in handy, especially situations where I want to get punched in the face.

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