‘Street Fighter V’ Drops A Release Date And Overview Video For Its First Free Update

Unlike some fighting games, Capcom’s Street Fighter V was badly lacking in content at launch, but that’s about to change somewhat with the release of the game’s first big, free, update. As we’ve detailed previously, the update will include a new Challenge Mode, featuring in-depth tutorials and challenging combo trials, additional online options and the return of Street Fighter III protagonist, Alex.

As you may recall, Capcom originally promised all new Street Fighter V characters would be able to be purchased with Fight Money you could earn in game, or with real-world cash. Well, it turns out the real-money option isn’t ready yet, so Capcom is letting Street Fighter V owners play as Alex without spending any money, real or fake, on a trial basis. Once Street Fighter V‘s store is fully functional, the trial period will be revoked. Capcom is also giving away alternate costumes for Ryu and Chun-Li for free to thank fans for their “patience and understanding.” Well, at least fans are getting something out of this ramshackle launch.

The big Street Fighter V is scheduled to arrive on March 28. An additional free update that will expand the game’s story mode is expected in June.

via Capcom Unity