Jared Leto’s Joker May Be Inspired By ‘Batman: Endgame,’ Which You Should Be Very Excited About

The internet can’t seem to make up its mind about the whole Jared Leto as Joker thing. Fans were certainly enthusiastic when he was first cast in Suicide Squad. Who better than Leto to follow Heath Ledger’s ultra-method take on The Joker? Then we got our first look at Leto’s Joker and everybody promptly turned on him, snarking mercilessly on his grill and cheesy temporary tattoos. But then we got to see Leto in action in the first Suicide Squad trailer, and at least a few of the fans came back around.

Well, Suicide Squad just dropped a new trailer, and it may provide the best reason yet to be excited for Leto’s version of The Joker. A number of fans have noted the striking similarity between Joker in the new trailer, and the Joker from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s recent Death of the Family and Endgame storylines.

Capullo himself even retweeted the comparison.

For those who don’t follow Batman comic books, this is kind of a big deal, as Synder and Capullo’s Joker really is one of the best of all time. Since the comics are so recent, this Joker isn’t yet as iconic as, say, Dark Knight Joker or Killing Joke Joker, but I’m pretty sure he will be some day.

Some spoilers for Batman: Death of the Family and Endgame ahead…

Under Snyder’s pen, The Joker becomes a near-mythic figure. A monster capable of killing an entire police precinct worth of cops with his bare hands. The strange, psycho-sexual relationship between him and Batman is also pushed right to the edge. In Death of the Family, Joker targets Batman’s “family” of allies and supporters, leading to a seemingly deadly final showdown. But then Joker returns in Endgame, and this time he knows all of Batman’s secrets. Oh, and he also just might be immortal. If you haven’t read either story, I highly suggest you check them out.

Leto’s take on The Joker is going to be different, that seems certain, but between the comparisons to Snyder and Capullo’s Joker, and the fact that Leto reportedly asked Grant Morrison for advice on how to play the character, I’m optimistic. This is going to be a Joker the general public may not be familiar with, but if Leto and Warner Bros. are sticking closely to recent Batman comics, fans could be in for a wild ride.

Suicide Squad hits theaters Aug. 5.

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